Jul 2017 25

Please be sure to follow me on Instagram at @VAWineKnow and see my stories and posts from my many Sip with me Sunday winery excursions throughout the state of Virginia. It’s hard for me to find the time to write my blog posts but you can always see where I am, what I am tasting, and everything that’s going on in my wine life! See you there!


Feb 2017 14

It was a great Sunday on the Virginia wine trail this week as I got out to visit a good friend at Quattro Goombas winery and brewery1 to talk business and enjoy doing my favorite thing – sipping and sampling wine.  It was a cold and dreary day, but I was more than warm inside with my wine, old friends and a few new ones I met along the way.

Quattro Goombas, which stands for “four friends,” is a sprawling winery and brewery located in Aldie, Virginia. They’ve been known for featuring wines from across the country and globe, but now they have a few wines produced on their own. While they still don’t grow any grapes, they do source them from Virginia and beyond. And, they are good!


Jan 2017 22

Today, for my first “Sip with me Sunday“, I visited the brand new winereserveWine Reserve at Waterford – tasting room and vineyard in Loudoun County. This was actually their opening weekend, so it really worked out perfectly. Upon entry, we were greeting with a glass of sparkling wine (Virginia) and immediately escorted to the bar for our tasting. They currently offer two tasting options: Commonwealth Uncorked and Virginia & Beyond. Both options include their two wines, a Chardonnay and a Meritage.


Jan 2017 22

PicFootball season is going to be over soon, so what are we going to do now with all of our free Sunday’s? Well, that’s easy for me to answer. I’ll be getting back to business visiting and touring all of the wonderful Vineyards that Virginia (and other states) have to offer. And, I am going to take you with me.

Starting this month, I am launching a fun new blog series called “Sip with me Sundays“. Sometimes I will come to you via video – but I REALLY hate myself on video – so that is going to be rare :-) – but mostly I’ll be sharing posts, photos, and more throughout my social media platforms and then I’ll follow up my Sunday excursion with a blog review.

I look forward to sipping with you virtually on the trail!


Dec 2016 07

Greetings everyone, and happy holidays! christmas-wine

I absolutely love the holidays. It’s a wonderful time to celebrate faith, family, and friends while being surrounded by the joy and decor of the season. Each year at Christmas, I make it a theme among my friends and family to celebrate small and local businesses through our gift-giving. And, what better way to support small than to buy from local vineyards?  So, this year I thought I would extend that theme to you all with my suggestions for my Top Five Virginia Wine Gifts to Give this Holiday Season.

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