Oct 2011 05

Every once in a while I have the inclination to write a blog that has nothing whatsoever to do with wine. This is one of those times. This past week I have been attending a convention in Anaheim, California for my ‘day job’. It’s been a fun but very busy week with lots of meetings, receptions, networking, walking, and all with barely any sleep. I’ve been going from one thing to another with little time to relax or even reflect on the days.

But last night, something happened to make me pause.  It was a fun-filled evening at Disneyland for all of the convention attendees. The host company rented out the park for a private event that included music, dancing, food, drinks, and rides.  As I sat in Adventureland with my appetizers and wine, about to watch the Fantasmic performance, my coworker turned to me and said: “Think back to six months ago. Would you have ever thought that today, six months later, you would be sitting in Disneyland on an all expense paid trip to California enjoying free food, drinks, and entertainment?”