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This past 4th of July weekend I decided avoid the traffic, crowds, and the stresses of traveling by staying close to home.  So, when trying to decide on which new winery to visit during my holiday weekend, luckily I didn’t have to look too far.  Because, there is a beautiful one right in my own backyard.

Paradise Springs Winery has been on my list since earlier this year when it officially opened to the public. It is located slightly beyond the historic town of Clifton, Virginia which is just a short 15 minute or so drive from where I live. To be very honest, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect with this winery. In my mind I was wondering how the wine could possibly be good considering the vineyard’s suburban location.

What a great surprise.

The vineyard itself was so very quaint and rustic. The tasting room is located in a historic cabin that was charming and inviting. They also have a barn that is used for overflow tasting and special events. Because the main cabin tasting room is quite small, indoor seating is limited, however if it is a nice day outside there is ample seating and lawn area to relax on while sipping your selections.

Out of the eight wines on the tasting menu, I was very pleased with all of them. My favorites, by far are their selection of whites. They have a Sauvignon Blanc, Viognier, Chardonnay, and Vidal Blanc. All are all so light, crisp and just perfect for the beautiful summer day that we had at this winery.

If you are a red wine drinker, I think you will also be pleased with their dry rose and the 2008 Norton.

Don’t leave without it!

2008 Vidal Blanc was my favorite of the day! This is an off-dry white wine with hints of tropical fruit on the finish. It is recommended to be paired with spicy foods such as Thai and curry dishes. I enjoyed a glass while at the winery and I thought it was just perfect for afternoon sipping on the deck with our without any food.
The Dish:

Location: 13219 Yates Ford Road – Clifton, VA

How much: Tasting Fee: $7.00
Keep the glass: Yes

Aug 2010 15

I was a little anxious to visit Burnley Vineyards in person after many previous trips to their tasting booth during various festivals across the state. I always liked the wine they featured at the festivals, but now it was time to taste their entire line and enjoy the scenery they have to offer.

Sep 2010 06

Through the grapevine:

Throughout my winery adventure, I have come to really love the smaller, boutique vineyards throughout Virginia. There’s something to be said for tasting wine as it is poured by none other than the owner and winemaker. Not only do I enjoy the fruit of their labor but am often moved by their passion and love for what they are producing.

Jun 2011 09

I purchased a Living Social deal a few months ago to Capitol Vineyards in Delaplane, Virginia (Loudoun County) and finally got a free Saturday to try this new place out.  The offer included a food pairing with the tasting, so I was intrigued to see what this was all about. So, Sean and I jumped in the car on this cloudy yet hazy Saturday morning, and hit route 66 to get on our way.

Tucked away off of a long, windy road that parallels I-66, we made our approach to a little dilapidated white house with a vinyl sign swinging in the wind. There it was, Capitol Vineyards. What a nice fact to learn that the tasting room was once home to the first African-American owned Postmaster General in Virginia. I absolutely love old historic homes – especially when they are rustic and squeaky.  You can almost feel and hear the history surrounding you.

Oct 2011 05

Every once in a while I have the inclination to write a blog that has nothing whatsoever to do with wine. This is one of those times. This past week I have been attending a convention in Anaheim, California for my ‘day job’. It’s been a fun but very busy week with lots of meetings, receptions, networking, walking, and all with barely any sleep. I’ve been going from one thing to another with little time to relax or even reflect on the days.

But last night, something happened to make me pause.  It was a fun-filled evening at Disneyland for all of the convention attendees. The host company rented out the park for a private event that included music, dancing, food, drinks, and rides.  As I sat in Adventureland with my appetizers and wine, about to watch the Fantasmic performance, my coworker turned to me and said: “Think back to six months ago. Would you have ever thought that today, six months later, you would be sitting in Disneyland on an all expense paid trip to California enjoying free food, drinks, and entertainment?”


Nov 2012 26

It was due time for the Virginia Wine Know to stir things up a bit and head out West for a weekend in California wine country.  Last week I joined a group of the most fabulous friends to celebrate my cousin’s 40th birthday in Napa Valley.  This trip has been in the plans for months and I was so happy to finally board the plane (even though I hate flying) and head out to a little bit of heaven on earth.

We all arrived in San Francisco at various times on November 1st, but all joined up to catch our shuttle to downtown Napa. The ladies were on our way! Upon arriving at our hotel – the luxurious Andaz – we checked in, changed clothes and began our first little adventure checking out the various wine tasting bars along the main strip.


Mar 2013 27

kid-friendly-wineriesToday’s blog post is going to be short and sweet. I’d really just like to pose a question out to those of you in the wine blogging community, and those who read our blogs.  Since I started blogging about my Virginia Winery Adventure more than 2 years ago now, I have been focused on highlighting all of the wonderful things about the wineries – from the ambiance, to the customer service, to of course the wine itself.

So, in an effort to stay ‘positive’ as I prefer to do (negative rants are not my thing!) I would simply like to pose question and get some discussion going around the topic of winery tasting rooms and small children.  Is it a tasting room or a romper room?


Jun 2013 04

The last time I visited Lost Creek Vineyard in Leesburg was during that awful “snowmaggedon.” It was February 2010 and we were already buried for days in feet upon feet of snow and we just about had it with cabin fever, so we hopped in the car and ventured out to Leesburg to see which wineries were open.

Surprisingly, we found Hiddenbrook and Lost Creek open, and busy! (I guess everyone had enough of being stuck indoors). To be honest, the wine was forgettable but the experience was one for the books.  It was a fun day venturing out in the snow but I never returned to Lost Creek, until now.  Now, it’s three years later and I am re-introduced to The Vineyards and Winery at Lost Creek. They have new owners, a new winemaker and some exciting changes in the works.


Nov 2013 18

This past weekend a group of Virginia wine loving ladies, who mostly communicate via Twitter, Facebook and Blogs, got social in-person for networking, idea sharing, bread breaking, and winery hopping.  Activities were held on Saturday and Sunday, and I joined the group on Sunday.

We met for brunch at The Wine Kitchen Hearth in Purcellville, VA.  I’ve only read about this place and was very excited to try it.  But, I was even more excited about finally meeting a few women who I have only talked to online.  The ladies included Lori from Corcoran Vineyards & Brewing Co. (@corkysfarm), Tina from PROTOCOL Wine Studio (@PROTOCOLWine), Terri (@NKKWineDiva) who works at General’s Ridge Winery, and Kathy (@Virginia_Made) who works at Barrel Oak Winery and who I know well from the Virginia Wine Mafia!

Brunwineflightch was delicious and we had great conversations about food, wine, and everything in between.  The Wine Kitchen has awesome wine flight selections featuring wine from just about every region of the world. I had the Hills of Italy which featured one white Italian wine: Basalti Soave (Gargenega), and two reds: Crivelli Barbera D’Asti (Barbera) and Il Cortile Chianti, Castello di Poppiano (Sangiovese).  All were equally delightful but my favorite was the Chianti blend.

Mar 2015 20

I had the pleasure of being interviewed earlier this week on March 17th by Rob Barnett of VinVillage Radio. Based in California, VVRadio-Logo-185pxVinVillage.com and VinVillageRadio.com are all about wine! Mostly focused on California they have recently expanded to feature wines from around the nation, including Virginia. On Tuesday, March 17th they featured the Taste of Monticello Wine Trail Festival in the first segment, followed by yours truly in segment #2.  I have to work on my “uhms” a bit, but it was a wonderful time chatting it up with Rob and telling the story of why I love Virginia wine. Listen to the full interview here!

And, check be sure to visit VinVillage.com and join the community if you love wine.

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