Thank you for checking out my new brand, My Vino Vibes. Over the course of the last few years, my passion for wine has transcended Virginia wine and vineyards, and it’s expanded to more than just visiting wineries and writing about those experiences.

Virginia Wine Know isn’t going anywhere but she now has another alter ego.

In early 2017, I started video blogging in a series called “Sip with me Sundays” (mostly found on Instagram) and from that I began to really see how much the wine experience means to so many people.  And, being the naturally positive person that I am, I started also incorporating wine affirmations which led to general positive messages and images surrounding my “wine life.”

I always say, it’s not about the wine. It’s about the experience. So, with Vino Vibes, I hope you’ll enjoy the positive messages that I share and re-share from my fellow wine lovers alike, and others out in the universe who are also committed to sharing love, peace, laughter, and positive energy with the world. Ok, maybe it’s a little sappy – but it’s true!  Many of my posts will be wine related, but many are just related to living a positive life.

So, join me on Instagram at @vawineknow and @myvinovibes for a good time sipping wine, sharing laughter, making friends and most importantly making memories.