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Virgina Wine Know

Welcome To Virginia Wine Know – A Virginia Wine Adventure!
The great thing about wine is that you get to be your own expert.  
Most wine connoisseurs talk technicalities.  I prefer to talk experience.  To me, the most important aspect of wine is that you personally enjoy it – the taste, situation you are in, and the people you are with. Wine is an experience to be treasured.

My name is Stacy and I live in the Washington, DC metro area.  Over the last few decades or so, I have been thoroughly enjoying the wines of Virginia.  It all started in 1996 when I was an event planner and managed the Virginia Town Point Wine Festival.  I managed event marketing, promotions and logistics for three years.  Back then, there were only a handful of wineries in the state  – most of which were only open on weekends and during the spring and summer season.  So, the festivals were really the only chance to taste the varietals.

As more wineries have opened and become more accessible I have truly come to love wine and the Virginia scenery that surrounds our wineries.  So, about 10 years ago I decided to take my first passion – writing (and put that journalism degree to use) – and combine that with my new found passion for wine.

One of my goals is to visit every Virginia winery and share those experiences in hopes that others might follow me and see what Virginia wineries have to offer.  I travel all throughout the state to share my winery stories and experiences. Sometimes, you’ll even get to follow me outside of the state as I venture to other wine regions of the world.

I have a lot of friends and family who ask why I have this passion for wine. The answer is quite simple really.  For me, a day spent at a winery is relaxing, indulging, and entertaining.  I have met many wonderful people on the ‘trail’ who share my same interests. I have made business deals and forged both professional and personal connections. I even met a matchmaker for celebrities at one Virginia winery – but she wouldn’t divulge her clients lol (that was a trip!).  So, you see, this is not just about the wine. It is about the experience.

Recently, I have also obtained my wine sommelier certificate and put that to use by consulting with various restaurants and event planners to select the most appropriate wine for their customers.

I hope you will follow me, enjoy my blog and be encouraged to check out our wonderful, beautiful, and delicious Virginia wineries.






My writing, marketing and communications experience spans decades and industries. I have worked with small and global nonprofits, newspapers and magazine publications, tech start-ups and most recently large B2B enterprise. My skills include content creation, media relations, email marketing, event planning, campaign management and social media / digital marketing.

I have planned, managed, and marketed hundreds of events from three-day festivals to conventions & trade shows, galas, and sporting events. And I am experienced at grant writing, fundraising, and donor relations.

In the mid 2000’s I began following my passion of exploring wine through my blog and social media channels. While growing a following and network within the wine community, I gained a Level 1 Sommelier certificate from the International Wine Guild. I am an honors graduate of Norfolk State University where I received my B.A. degree in Journalism.

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