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Throughout my winery adventure, I have come to really love the smaller, boutique vineyards throughout Virginia. There’s something to be said for tasting wine as it is poured by none other than the owner and winemaker. Not only do I enjoy the fruit of their labor but am often moved by their passion and love for what they are producing. It makes the whole experience more enjoyable, and as an aspiring entrepreneur myself I just love to hear the stories of what inspired them to get into the business and how they followed their dreams.

Last weekend, while taking a trip through the Blue Ridge wine trail, I happened upon the newly opened Hume Vineyards. The vineyard is so new that it isn’t even on the 2010 winery map. As we followed the small signs down Hume Road, I was anxious to see, taste, and learn all I could about this new place and it’s owners. It is a very cute and quaint winery located in Hume, Virginia – just several miles past the old Oasis vineyard. Upon walking into the brand new log cabin style tasting room, we were greeted by one of the two owners. She walked us through their four wines while sharing stories of how the couple got into the wine business. It was an intimate experience that I thoroughly enjoyed.

The tasting composed of one white and three reds and from beginning to end I was highly impressed with the wine and was of course inspired by their story. My favorites were the 2009 Vidal Blanc and 2008 Cabernet Sauvignon. The Vidal is so very crisp and refreshing, especially for summer porch sipping. It is full of flavor with hints of apricot and kiwi with a touch of sweetness before a nice long dry finish. As for the Cab, well the description caught my attention well before the actual tasting – they had me at “bacon”! A velvety wine with flavors of coffee, vanilla bean, and yes, even bacon – if that is where your taste buds take you, this would be great paired with a hearty meal and is a big treat for the red wine lover.

I highly recommend a trip to Hume Vineyards the next time you are on the Blue Ridge wine trail. Pack a picnic and plan to relax and stay awhile. The ambiance is quiet and serene with lot of space for relaxing and sipping all day.

The Dish

Location: 5396 Washwright Road Tasting Fee: $5.00 Keep the glass: No

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