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Updated: May 9, 2023

Today, for my first “Sip with me Sunday“, I visited the brand new Wine Reserve at Waterford – tasting room and vineyard in Loudoun County. This was actually their opening weekend, so it really worked out perfectly. Upon entry, we were greeting with a glass of sparkling wine (Virginia) and immediately escorted to the bar for our tasting. They currently offer two tasting options: Commonwealth Uncorked and Virginia & Beyond. Both options include their two wines, a Chardonnay and a Meritage.

In addition to their two current selections, they offer the opportunity to taste a variety of wines from other Virginia vineyards as well as wines from around the world. There is a Pinot Gris from France, a Barbera from Italy, and a few Virginia selections from Maggie Malick Wine Cave, Pollak Vineyards and Granite Heights.

Each tasting has five options. I was most pleased with their Meritage – a Bordeaux-style blend with hints of cherry and plum. I also fell in love with the Granite Heights selection (Evening Serenade) which I purchased a bottle of to take home.

As for the venue and ambiance, it’s a small place but very cozy and quaint. We were lucky to be able to snag a few chairs right in front of the fireplace. I really enjoyed my visit here and I am looking forward to many more trips back, especially when the weather gets warmer and we can chill outside – the views are magnificent.

For more about my Sunday at The Wine Reserve at Waterford, be sure to check me out on Instagram @vawineknow for my photos, videos and stories from my day! Cheers!

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