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Today’s blog post is going to be short and sweet. I’d really just like to pose a question out to those of you in the wine blogging community, and those who read our blogs. Since I started blogging about my Virginia Winery Adventure more than 2 years ago now, I have been focused on highlighting all of the wonderful things about the wineries – from the ambiance, to the customer service, to of course the wine itself.

So, in an effort to stay ‘positive’ as I prefer to do (negative rants are not my thing!) I would simply like to pose question and get some discussion going around the topic of winery tasting rooms and small children. Is it a tasting room or a romper room?

Recently, I was enjoying a beautiful day at a local winery with some friends and it was cold outside so everyone was inside of the tasting room. My group was seated in a back area near a “playroom” of sorts. We found that over the course of the afternoon, many small children began making their way into this area. There was jumping, yelling, playing games and toys, and of course crying. Parents and guardians consuming wine were nowhere to be found. My friends and I joked that we were the not-so-suitable babysitters of the day.

This struck me as odd because while I have seen many children at wineries playing outside (in warmer months), this was the first time I have seen an actual playroom inside of the tasting room. At some point, I am sure this will be an issue for Virginia legislature because a winery tasting room is essentially a bar – and children are not normally allowed inside of bars. But, of course I am not an expert on legality issues so I’ll stay out of that.

But, I would just like to pose the question and understand how others feel on the issue of tasting rooms and playrooms?

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