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The first weekend of April 2014 was the one of the first relatively nice weekends in a long time. No snow, no rain, not a cloud in the sky (although pretty windy and a little cold). So, of course I wanted to spend it on the wine trail. I had planned with my sister to take care of some wine pick-ups and hit a few of my standards, but on Friday afternoon I received an alert that a new winery was opening up on Saturday in Taylorstown, Virginia. Creek’s Edge had announced a “soft opening” and so my plans quickly changed.

My sister and I arrived there promptly at 12:30PM, and had the honor of being their very first customers (we should get a picture on the wall for that, right?). We were greeted by the owner Tedd and his young daughter as we sat at the immaculately built bar made of walnut from trees grown on that very same

property. The vineyard is situated along the Catoctin Creek and between that property and another close by, they have more than 70 acres of grapes planted. We started our tasting with Tedd as he enlightened us on his story and explained the amazing architecture of the building, including a modern and exquisite silo. We tasted a 2011 Vidal Blanc, 2011 Pinto Gris, 2011 Chardonnay and then moved on to reds – a 2011 Chambourcin, 2011 Cabernet Fanc, and finally (well, not really but we’ll get to that) 2009 Cabernet Sauvignon made in the tradition of a Bordeaux style. Of the whites, I enjoyed the Vidal Blanc the most. Aged in stainless steel, it is very crisp, light and refreshing. Sunshine in a glass, maybe? I am sure it would please any palate. My favorites of the red were the Cabernet Sauvignon and the Chambourcin. Both had a deep and beautiful color with notes of spice but soft and smooth on the finish.

And, when we thought it was all said and done, some special bottles were pulled out of a stash and we were able to taste some 2009 vintages including a Chambourcin and Cabernet Franc. I truly cannot say enough about the wine, the venue, the customer service, and the overall experience. This was also the day that I asked Krystle to take some new pictures of me for my blog. And, this was the absolute perfect opportunity to do so, especially considering there were no crowds at the time of our arrival.

After enjoying a glass of the Cabernet Sauvignon, we headed out for my pick up at Sunset Hills Vineyard. However, before arriving there I wanted to take a stop in downtown Purcellville to take pictures in front of the local Virginia Love sign that depicts “DC’s Wine Country” and showcases all of the vineyards across the state, paying tribute to this thriving industry.

We had an absolute blast, that ended with a big family dinner. It’s days like this when you just simply feel lucky and blessed to be alive and no worry or stress can get in the way. Life is good, especially with family and great wine.

Creek’s Edge Winery is located at: 12800 Taylors Valley Lane Lovettsville VA 20180 US

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