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The drive to most vineyards in the state can be one of twists, turns, gravel, and lots of dirt. But, once you arrive at your destination there is usually something magical in store (for me, anyway!). Keswick was no exception to that rule. On our route there I almost thought my little coupe wouldn’t make it through the narrow country roads, but it did and once we took the turn onto Keswick Winery Drive it was all worth it, because I knew that something wonderful would await us.

I couldn’t believe the magnificent view as we approached their long driveway and it was the most beautiful and abundant vineyard that I have seen throughout my adventure thus far. The vines went on and on and on throughout the rolling hills, lined by a pond and greenery with impeccable landscaping.

Once we parked I could have just pulled out my beach chair and sat down right there on the hill gazing at the skyline for days! But, I had some wine tasting to do. It was a beautiful May day and the tasting room was quite crowded so they offered to give us our tasting outside. They also have baskets of pillows and blankets so people can get as comfortable as they wish while tasting the wines. I really loved this idea. And, the customer service was just great. The knowledgeable wine specialist gave us our own personal service as we were able to enjoy the outdoor views. It was a lovely experience.

We tasted five different wines all of which were delicious. The 2009 Verdejo was first on the list, and definitely my favorite. Perfect for a warm summer day, with or without food, this Spanish varietal wine is fresh and delicious with hints of green apple – my favorite fruit. I also enjoyed their 2008 Consensus, a wine created by their wine club members. It is a deep red with dark fruit flavors and an award winner. I could definitely see myself sipping on this wine with a nice steak dinner.

Don’t leave without it!

The 2008 Trevillian was definitely my favorite pick at Keswick. It is a delicious ‘summer red’ with a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Petite Verdot. It is a light red, so even those who are not red wine drinkers would really appreciate this.

The Dish

Location: 1575 Keswick Winery Drive, Keswick, Virginia Tasting Fee: $5.00

Keep the glass: Yes, but only with $8 “select” tasting

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