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Throughout my wine adventures, I write a lot about the overall experience of tasting wine and visiting the many Virginia vineyards.

My love of wine is not just about drinking wine. It is about the people I am enjoying it with, the conversations being had over it, the bonds being formed as a result of it. It’s also about the educational aspect, and of course the senses discovering various new tastes, aromas, and flavors.

So, when I visited the new Stone Tower Winery in Leesburg recently, I was pleased to learn about how important that overall experience is to them as well. And, it certainly shows through in every aspect of their operations from the crafting of the wine to the customer service and the facilities.

On Sunday, June 23 I enjoyed a lovely wine experience while getting a sneak preview of what is in store for the Leesburg area (and everyone else) in 2014. Stone Tower is a magnificent, lush and inviting vineyard located on Hogback Mountain (for those familiar with local paint ball) and across 200 beautiful acres of land. It is currently open by appointment only while they build out what is sure to be a local gem.

Upon arriving on this sunny, hot day in June, my friend and I were greeted by Bryan, the general manager and winemaker. We were whisked away on a tour of the vineyard and a tasting right there in the middle of some delicious looking vines. We were able to taste several of their estate wines including the 2012 Lacey Chardonnay and both the 2011 and 2012 Viognier. One fermented in oak which as creamy and smooth, and the other fermented in their own concrete fermentation tank (otherwise known as “the Egg”). This was also absolutely crisp, refreshing and delicious. I was very pleased with them all (that says a lot for a “red wine drinker”, and I purchased the Chardonnay (thank Goodness, because I believe it is currently sold out!).

They were also featuring a few red selections not made from their estate but from 2013 forward they will produce their own red estate wines. I can’t wait.

After the tasting, we went on a tour of the land visiting an underground cellar, viewing an area that is somewhat like natures own outdoor amphitheater. I could almost hear the music playing. We also got to check out the site of what will be their tasting room and winemaking facilities. We ended the tour with a cheese plate and glass of the Viognier.

I would highly recommend scheduling a private tour and tasting because I believe most will be very delighted about what Stone Tower will bring come 2014. I certainly can’t wait to start enjoying all of the wonderful experiences that will come along with this new wine destination in Loudoun County.

For more information on their current inventory of wine or to schedule a tasting and tour, visit

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