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This past weekend was so busy that I didn’t have much time for my wine adventure, but with a few hours to spare on Sunday afternoon, I decided to take a quick 20 minute ride to Loudoun County to visit a winery that I have always seen the signs for, but never visited.

What I discovered at Village Winery and Vineyard was just the most charming and rustic winery I have seen to date. It is actually a pretty large winery in the small, historic town of Waterford, Virginia. I was surprised to see and learn that they have ten acres of vineyards right outside of the Waterford village (a National Historic Landmark). The tasting room was in a small country barn with plenty of seating, and outside there was room for picnics and lounging.

The customer service was excellent and the owner was so very pleasant. Upon walking in they offer you a small plate of locally produced cheese to snack on before starting the tasting. He talked us through every wine and gave us a good lesson on Elderberries! If you are a sweet wine drinker, you will really enjoy the Apple and Elderberry Wines.

The visit to Village Winery and historic Waterford was a pure treat. Experiencing the history and rural atmosphere (only 20 minutes from the city), and their hospitality was a nice trip back to a simpler time.

Don’t leave without it!

I can’t believe I am even saying this – but what I suggest you don’t leave without is actually their non-alcoholic drink. Their Sparkling Elderberry is a refreshing and fun drink for all ages, and just perfect for any type of event where a celebration drink is needed. The Dish

Location: 40405 Browns Lane, Waterford, Virginia Tasting Fee: $5.00 is “suggested” (you have to love that!)

Keep the glass: No (Not necessary since the tasting is whatever cost you want it to be!).

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